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The Scam Alert Widget publishes breaking news on scams that are reported to the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

Grandparent Scam Just Got Scarier
The BBB is issuing a RED ALERT regarding a new twist on the Grandparent Scam that involves the caller already knowing detailed information regarding family members.  In addition, the calls are not targeted strictly at seniors and the money requested is to be wired to Mexico (instead of Canada).  As least six complaints from the new scam have been received in the last two weeks (September 1, 2011).

With the updated scam, callers identify themselves by specific name as a particular family member.  They say they are being held in jail in Mexico and need bail money wired immediately.  They lace their conversation with correct references by name to other family members, increasing their credibility.  One caller even knew the real person being impersonated had a twin who was born two minutes earlier.

To protect yourself from this scam that uses a distressed loved-one tactic, BBB is advising people to remain calm and confirm the status of the individual by calling them back directly or verifying the story with other family members before taking further action.  Developing a secret code that is known only within the family is also recommended. 

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